Friday, July 22, 2011

18 months

Wesley is nearly 18 months (on July 28th) and is turning into such a little boy! He has developed quite the assertive attitude and if you do something he doesn't like, he will let you know! His language is moving along and he definitely understands more than he lets on. He follows simple directions well, like "Go get a book" or "Get your shoes" and likes to help clean up. He LOVES being outside. He LOVES his yellow, green and brown blankie. He loves his sisters and giving kisses and hugs. He also frequently bodyslams Amelia. Well, maybe baby bodyslams, out of love, of course. He also climbs anything and everything he can find. The girls never did that, that I can remember.

Earlier this week I gave him a haircut and it seemed to instantly make him seem older.

Happy 18 months buddy! We love you!


We took a family vacation to Lake Chelan a few weeks ago! It was very relaxing and fun! We stayed with Adam in his little rental house. We stayed upstairs in the loft, yes all 5 of us in the same "room." The kids did great! I have been very nervous about moving the girls into one room (again) when the baby arrives, and this trip made be feel much better about that. I know that they CAN be in the same room and not mess around. Although it helped that they were exhausted each day from all the fun! We mainly went swimming, lounged, picked blueberries and spent good quality family time together. Here are some pictures from the trip, enjoy!
 The girls did great in the lake and pools because of their floaties!

 At a little market we fed the goats!

 Wes had a popsicle and looked like he'd eaten a piece of raw meat and his hands were stained red!

 We also picked blueberries at Blueberry Hills Restaurant, home of the "Dunlap" the best breakfast ever!