Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here's another edition to the "Addie's crazy" file...

Yesterday I had one goal: clean the nastiness that is our master bathroom. There are two sinks and both drain slowly, one a little worse than the other. It didn't seem to matter how much Drano I poured down that sucker, it never seemed to drain correctly. I decided to attack it from below, so I started to unscrew the pipes beneath (thankfully there are several plastic pieces, not one steel piece).
Holy nasty! Water came pouring out and so did a nasty, nasty smell. Hairballs and congealed nastiness, everywhere. It took a while, and many trips to the kitchen and back, but after a good washing they were ready to be screwed back together. Then, the moment of truth, as I turned on the water to make sure there were no leaks. Yay! No leaks and no nasty backup! A clean drain!

I tackled the other sink and it wasn't as gross, but still not pleasant. Ahhh...a clean sink, a clean bathroom (almost, we still are having some shower "issues"), as close to bliss a housewife can get!

Today I couldn't wait to tackle the other bathroom sinks, and tomorrow I aim to do the other two. Crazy? I think so.

For your edification and avoidance of nasty sink look here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Apron Power!

A blog I love to read is MommyLife by Barbara Curtis. I've mentioned it on here before. Well I just won the Apron Power 2010 contest she hosted for Mother's Day! "Won" isn't the best description actually, because I was the only one who entered! I was totally shocked to hear this, I honestly didn't expect to win at all, let alone be the only entrant. The prize is a set of her books! I have read a few, but look forward to reading all of them soon! Here are all of her books on Amazon, if you want to get them too!

Thank you Barbara!

Month 3

We're halfway through month 3 with little Wes so I should probably post this already!

Wesley is doing so great, and in the past month has started mouthing his hand, drooling everywhere all the time, smiling at everything and even almost laughing. He is doing well on his tummy and I don't doubt he'll be rolling over very soon! He's also bulking up it seems, he's been eating a lot of protein because I have been eating a lot of protein for P90X! Seriously all this kid gets is chicken, tuna, protein powder, rice cakes, and margaritas. Just kidding! But it's fine with me if I lose weight and give it to him!

He's also losing his baby hair, which makes me a little sad. He's not bald, but the new hair is much lighter and of course shorter. That seems to be the trend for our little Gerlach babies. You might remember Amelia had lost all her hair by 4 months as well.

Today Wesley was laying on the floor outside the bathroom while the girls and I got ready for the day. It occurred to me that having two older sisters with whom he will have to share a bathroom will no doubt be good for his patience and character! God knew what He was doing when he waited for the third kid to give us a boy!

Enjoy a little peek into the last month with Wesley.
He's nearly grown out of the sweater Great Grandma Ev knitted for him!
Putting up with big sister playing dress-up = character building!One of the girls thought it was too sunny so they put this up for him.
The first fort!