Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here's another edition to the "Addie's crazy" file...

Yesterday I had one goal: clean the nastiness that is our master bathroom. There are two sinks and both drain slowly, one a little worse than the other. It didn't seem to matter how much Drano I poured down that sucker, it never seemed to drain correctly. I decided to attack it from below, so I started to unscrew the pipes beneath (thankfully there are several plastic pieces, not one steel piece).
Holy nasty! Water came pouring out and so did a nasty, nasty smell. Hairballs and congealed nastiness, everywhere. It took a while, and many trips to the kitchen and back, but after a good washing they were ready to be screwed back together. Then, the moment of truth, as I turned on the water to make sure there were no leaks. Yay! No leaks and no nasty backup! A clean drain!

I tackled the other sink and it wasn't as gross, but still not pleasant. Ahhh...a clean sink, a clean bathroom (almost, we still are having some shower "issues"), as close to bliss a housewife can get!

Today I couldn't wait to tackle the other bathroom sinks, and tomorrow I aim to do the other two. Crazy? I think so.

For your edification and avoidance of nasty sink look here.

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Melody C. Bondurant said...

Nicely done, how did the following day ambitions pan out?

I've had a few drain to unplug over the years, I think my least favorite and most memorable one was at our last appartment...we had only live there about a month and it was slow when we moved it...short story, SUPER nasty, NOT OUR hair. Yuck!

But, it's gotta be done.