Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Poop in the Potty, Poop Goes in the Potty...

Caley's trained! Yay! I'm sure she'll have the occasional accident, but for practical purposes she's potty trained! She finally picked up going #2 in the toilet on Sunday, then had an accident Monday, but on Tuesday went in the toilet three times! On Sunday when she went, I told her she'd get a surprise after her nap and it was making cupcakes and frosting them. She helped put the ingredients together, pouring the batter, and then frosting them. It was really fun and an educational activity too. After that we told her if she went in the toilet, she'd get to have a cupcake.
I feel kind of bad rewarding with food, but if that's what she needs to get motivated at first, that okay. Thankfully she normally only poops once a day.

So that's the exciting news in our house. She is growing up so fast, sometimes it feels like she doesn't even need me and Bill around to help her do stuff. Now if she'd learn to do her laundry (and mine!) and drive herself around I'd be totally obselete.

Amelia's happy about it too!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Amelia is 1 month old today, and the past month has just flown by. I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing in 10 years, and I know it's cliche but time really does fly when you're having fun. Amelia is becoming a bit more predictable and we're all sleeping enough most of the time. I can't believe Caley is close to being 3, she amazes me in so many ways.

The new thing this week is potty training, which we've been attempting for the last year or so, but now she's finally getting it. It's like something has finally clicked in her brain and she's able to control her body more. On Sunday night this week I told her that Monday would be "no diaper day" and it was, until about 1pm when I'd had enough of her deliberately peeing in her training pants. I got mad and was very unChrist-like to say the least. By the evening I had calmed down and she had a few successes. So for the rest of this week when we were home she wore training pants and a diaper when we were out. I have tried to take her potty often, sometimes practically forcing her to sit on the toilet for the count of ten. We also have been really reinforcing when she does go potty and especially when she initiates. If she pees she gets a stamp like before, but after 5 stamps she gets to choose from the prize basket. Now we are starting to especially reinforce when she is dry. It's just seemed to click for her though, and it's about time! Yay for Caley! She may have a few accidents now and then, but at least the potty training is underway.

We visited Astoria last weekend for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. They had a big party and it was a lot of fun. They even had a cake just like their wedding cake. My aunt and uncle from Wyoming even came. Caley had fun playing with Jesse and she even went to a football game. Actually Amelia went too, and we got to see a movie! I was really nervous that she would get hungry and we'd get called out of the movie (she hasn't had a bottle yet) but she slept the whole time! Thanks Mom and Dad! By the way, The Borne Ultimatum rocks!In the words of my friend Kathleen, "Jason Borne is a badass".