Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Addie's getting old...

My birthday was on Monday this week and I'm starting to feel old. I think it's less about the age I am, and more about how old Caley is. I'm the "mom" this year, not a college student or a new mom, I'm "the mom." I had a good birthday though, very relaxing and special. My husband is pretty nice too. God has blessed me immensely this past year, with the new house, Caley staying healthy, finishing school, and providing for us when we thought things might get scary. Yes, God is good. I'm thankful that he's given me 25 years and hope he gives me many more!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Where's the Ball?

Last night I played a new game with Caley in which I hide a ball around the house and she finds it. Of course I hid it in really easy places and she basically was watching me hide it and then she "found" it. After hiding the ball I said, "where's the ball?" and she imitated me! It was the first time I'd heard her say a full sentence and we were pretty excited. Actually it was more like "Where tha ball?" and she put her hands out like asking a question. She also was hiding her eyes while I was hiding the ball and getting the hang of it. It's fun that we can play together now.

We also went to the pumpkin patch today with Caley's playgroup. It was so fun! Caley chose her own pumpkin. Enjoy these pics!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Update and Caley on a swing

Bill stayed home on Wednesday and got some more work done on the house. We also played outside with Caley and got some pictures of her on the swing. She loves the swing set and is really confident sitting by herself. I think learning to swing herself will take a little more practice. :)
We really like living in Mukilteo. Last night we went for a walk and found a pickle ball court really close to our house! Bill was so excited. We love how Mukilteo is a small town on the water with gorgeous views but that it's still close to the city. It reminds me of Astoria a lot because of the fog horns and beautiful sunsets. As I write this the fog is rolling around in the yard and it's very mysterious. God has blessed us immensly these past few months!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Caley's Bedtime Social Story

My name is Caley.

These are my toys.

I'm a big girl, so I sleep in a big girl bed!

Sometimes Ernie and Grover lay with me.

After reading my book, singing a song and talking to Jesus,

I get my binky,

my blankie,

Kiss Mommy,

And I sleep in my bed.

When I wake up at night, I go back to sleep by myself.

In the morning I get to see Mommy and Daddy!

I’m a big girl!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Welcome Ruby!

Bill's sister Rachel and her husband Jason had their second child yesterday morning. Her name is Ruby Lillian. She was 7lbs, 6 ozs and is so cute! Now Caley has 10 Gerlach cousins! Geez it's going to be fun when all these kids get older, we're going to need to rent a community center/hall just to have Thanksgiving dinner!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Music Time

Lately Caley has really liked singing songs, especially before bed. She has been requesting "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Jesus Loves Me" and "The Wheels on the Bus." She even does the hand motions! We have a playgroup on Friday mornings with some kids her age and she loves to sing with everyone. It's amazing how much she picks up. I think because I'm used to working with older students who do less than Caley I forget what a typically developing kid can do.

Tonight was momentous because she finally fell asleep in her bed by herself without multiple "reminders" from Mommy and Daddy. She cried for about 20 minutes (with varying intensity), but eventually put herself back in her bed and zonked out. Before I left the room we read some books, sang a few songs, and prayed, and after about 3 minutes the crying marathon began. I felt like such a horrible mother listening to her, but I know it's for the best.

Also today she spent about 5 hours with Uncle JR while Jennie and I went garage sailing (our favorite pasttime) and Bill worked on the remodel. They had a fun time watching Veggie Tales, reading books, drawing with the MagnaDoodle and opening/closing the microwave. It was nice practice for when he's a Daddy. Thanks JR!