Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We were at Costco recently, in the diaper aisle. This is what we saw:
Apparently, if you need to buy THAT many diapers and wipes, you're going to need some beer too. I just thought it was an interesting comment on our culture.

This is what I took home for myself, they were handing out samples:

Rewards from the Garden

I'm so excited that finally we have a garden that yields good crop that we actually like to eat! I posted this last summer, hoping that by this year we'd have a garden in good shape, and it's worked! Here is a sampling of some yummies so far. I am looking forward to the tomatoes and kale in the next few weeks. mmmmm...

Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Years

On July 6th we celebrated 7 years married. This year it was my (Addie's) turn to plan the festivities. Friday July 3rd I planned a surprise day date, with a few things planned, but our day got changed a bit. We ended up walking around Greenlake and then to the UW campus. It was a beautiful day thankfully. We walked to the UW Quad with the cherry trees and Bill didn't know what the surprise would be, until he guessed everything else and then came up with the right answer--a photoshoot with my friend Acacia from Acacia Photography. She did a wonderful job and it was really fun for us. See some of the pictures on her blog here. As a side note, I've been meaning to have Acacia do some family photos of us before she leaves for Chicago in September, and I'm really glad we at least got some photos of me and Bill since it's rare we are in pictures together. Acacia and her husband and girls are moving to plant a church in Chicago, a city that desperately needs to hear about Jesus. It's a bittersweet goodbye, but I know God is bigger than me and will do great things through their ministry at The Painted Door. Thank you Acacia! I will miss you so much!

Anyway...after photos we went to Kirkland intending to go swing dancing, but we'd walked so much already our feet were too tired! So instead we had a yummy Irish dinner and saw a movie. Romatic!

On our actual anniversary we had a few hours to ourselves and enjoyed dinner out and a pedicure. Yes. A pedicure. Pretty toes!

I look forward to many more years with you Billy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A first look

We had an ultrasound today and have to share...there's really a baby in there! Everything looks great, the heartbeat is strong and we saw the umbilical cord pulsing. The baby wasn't moving which I was a little sad about, but probably just sleeping. My due date is February 7th, 2010.