Saturday, July 12, 2008

Composing Compost

I just had to throw away almost a dozen eggs (because one broke on the bottom layer of the Costco 5 dozen pack and goobered all over the others and made them stick to the paper and they broke when I tried to take them out) and I'm not even mad. That's because I threw them away in my new compost can! The whole deal with groceries and gas (and everything!) getting more expensive has made me think of ways to cut corners a bit and do things the way people used to. So I'm going to get the garden ready to grow vegetables for next year. This summer I'm focusing on making the soil super healthy and planning what vegetables would work best.

So this week I went to Walmart and got some trash cans and a small flip top garbage can for under the sink scraps. I drilled some holes in the big cans and layered lawn clippings, garden soil and kitchen scraps and stirred it up and watered it. This whole week I've looked forward to cutting up or peeling vegetables and putting the scraps in the can under the sink. I'm such a nerd! I was even excited that I got to throw the dozen eggs in the can. Hopefully it will work and we'll have bunches of tasty vegetables in the spring and summer next year.


mommy mel said...

Alright! I'm in. I keep wanting to start a compost, but haven't gotten around to making one of the fancy turning, sifting ones...and why, when I could have just been puting them in a regular old can this whole time! Thanks for the inspiration!


NanaG said...

There is still time to plant things yet this year. It is called the fall crops. You can still plant green beans, peas, carrots, lettuce, etc. They all grow fast and you pick and pick and eat and eat. I planted a multi-colored pkg. of carrots and the grandkids like the purple, orange, white and yellow carrots to munch on for snacks. Give it a whirl! It's so easy. Just dig up a small space and go for it. Bush beans work well and you don't have to stake them.