Thursday, February 07, 2013

Della Mischief

Geez, having a toddler is hard! She gets into everything! One of Della's favorite things to do is empty the cup drawer. I have all the plastic cups in an accessible drawer so the kids can help themselves to water, but it's also right at Della's level. She likes to throw all the cups out and then pretend to drink from them. The other day she got into the breakfast/snack drawer and dumped out the entire box of Rice Krispies!

Having an older brother who's three doesn't help minimize the mischief. Yesterday he drew all over her with a pen! A pen that is also a rocket, might I add.

I share this last picture because Wesley took it when I let him take pictures at Caley's birthday party. In a weird way, I like it.

She's walking!! and other updates

Welp, a lot has happened in our house since my last blog update. But here is a peek at what's been going on around the Gerlachs.

First, the baby is walking! Della is 15.5 months. She's been crawling and cruising for quite a while, and I was starting to get worried that she wasn't interested in walking. But she decided to do it! She's still a little shaky and prefers to crawl if she needs to get somewhere fast, but each day she's been practicing more and more and is getting pretty good at it!

We've had two birthdays recently, Caley and Wesley! Caley turned eight and Wes turned three. It's hard to believe people are growing up so fast around here. We had birthday parties for each of them, and last week was quite exhausting because of it. Having separate birthday parties won't be a yearly occurrence. Caley also went skating with two friends (an Amelia) as a special present from me and Bill.

 I made Wesley some Buzz Lightyear gloves to match his costume.
 Rice Krispie aliens
 It was Magnus' birthday too!
 Sweet little smile

 Caley asked for a rainbow cake, and here's what I came up with. It was six layers, each a different color, and the frosting didn't work out so well. It ended up looking like the cake on Sleeping Beauty that the fairies had to make without magic and had to prop up with a broom. But the kids still liked it, so that's what you call a success.

If I'm feeling schmoopy maybe I'll post a real entry soon.