Thursday, February 07, 2013

Della Mischief

Geez, having a toddler is hard! She gets into everything! One of Della's favorite things to do is empty the cup drawer. I have all the plastic cups in an accessible drawer so the kids can help themselves to water, but it's also right at Della's level. She likes to throw all the cups out and then pretend to drink from them. The other day she got into the breakfast/snack drawer and dumped out the entire box of Rice Krispies!

Having an older brother who's three doesn't help minimize the mischief. Yesterday he drew all over her with a pen! A pen that is also a rocket, might I add.

I share this last picture because Wesley took it when I let him take pictures at Caley's birthday party. In a weird way, I like it.

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Melody C. Bondurant said...

I always think...I will be so glad when they start walking...or talking...or whatever

And then, I realize that it always gets a little crazier before it gets beneficial : )

Love the Rice crispy party!