Thursday, June 26, 2008


Last Thursday was Caley's playgroup "graduation." I feel silly calling it that, because it's not really graduation as much as just a time to hang out with awesome friends and celebrate the last year of learning. Playgroup started almost two years ago when I suggested to some friends that we start some kind of preschool group for our kids, most of whom were only 18 months. Actually the youngest at the time, Lenora, had just turned 12 months. I had just graduated (haha!) from the Master's program and all the preschool curriculum stuff I'd learned was fresh in my mind, and I didn't want to let all that learnin' go to waste being a stay at home mom. I can't believe I thought it would go to waste! Even without playgroup, I've used what I learned in school more than I thought just having kids. I guess that just shows some areas I've struggled with and where God is growing me. But I digress...

Anyway, we had the first playgroup in September of 2006, with about 7-8 moms and their kids. The theme was transportation and I put tape on the floor for circle time and with great detail planned out circle and small group. It was pretty fun! And since then it's grown into something great. The moms took turns planning and leading the activities this year and did a fantastic job! We covered topics from food to transportation to jobs. We met at my house about once a month which made me enjoy it so much more, just being a participant. Less stress is always best. :) We learned Bible memory verses and it was a nice break to hang out with friends.

Next year it will likely look quite different because the kids are getting older and several are attending preschool and generally lives are getting busier. I'm excited though to have had this year of learning and look forward to what this group becomes. So here's to playgroup! Thanks everyone! I love you!

Here's what playgroup looks like at our house, during "free choice." Caley likes to choose to pretend to be 15 and at the mall looking at boys with her friend Fiona.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sometimes I think that Caley doesn't need an afternoon nap anymore, but then this happens in the evening while watching a movie.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pray for Oprah!

Okay, that's a weird title, but it's true! We should pray for Oprah, that she would see the real truth about Jesus. Oprah calls herself a Christian, but is mistaken about who the real Christ is, what He did and why he did it. She does not believe that Jesus came to die for our sins because we needed him to, but that he came as an example for us. She is, in essence, the pastor of one of the largest churches in America! So many people follow her and her beliefs. I occasionally watch her show, and am in no way saying people shouldn't, but it makes me sad watching it, because she is so lost and needs Jesus just as much as the next person. My women's bible study was discussing this lately, and how cool would it be if Oprah followed Christ and all of her loyal followers in turn did the same. She has so much power in the media, and people really listen to her. It's not an unreasonable request--look at what Jesus did to Paul who was like the Oprah of his time. Saul became Paul, maybe Oprah can be Orpah, her original name? Maybe that's a stretch but it'd still be cool.
On a similar note, how awesome would it be if we all prayed for people in power, like actors, newscasters, presidential candidates regardless of party affiliation? Nothing is going to change in the world, there will be sin until Jesus returns, but it can't hurt to pray to help more people see and know Jesus!

A few years ago when the tv show Friends was winding down, I wondered how it would end. The series is my favorite sitcom, but it's bittersweet because the six Friends are non-believers and the storylines aren't righteous and God-honoring. Monica and Chandler live together before marriage, Rachel and Ross have a child outside marriage, there's a lesbian wedding...not that if people do these things they can't be believers and God can't work in their life, I'm just saying that this is not what I want to model my life after because Christ isn't their focus. But how amazing would it have been if toward the end of the series the writers had come to know Jesus and began writing the characters in that light? If Rachel and Ross had come to know Jesus and gotten married, if Monica and Chandler had turned to Christ, if Phoebe and Joey had done the same and began living their lives the way Christ had lived His? When the final episode of Friends aired, I held out hope that this would be the way they'd go, but I was wrong. But...what if? Sometimes when watching Friends for the bajillionth time while I'm making dinner I feel burdened to pray for this actors and others involved. They are God's children too and He loves them.

Just a thought, can't hurt right?
Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God."

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and after church (GREAT sermon, not that they're ever bad!) we headed up to Lynden for some good old fashioned Gerlach BBQ and hang out time. And Minako got to see what American family life is like when 10 kids ages 5 and under are running around!
I kind of dropped the ball with the Father's day hoopla, and his awesome gift isn't here yet. But my faults aren't indicative of how Bill is as a father. I'm thankful for Bill. He's a wonderful husband and daddy to our little girls. He puts Jesus first, he's very thoughtful and wise.
Thank you Jesus for being our Father, and for giving us Bill!

Oh and the SUN did show up! Hopefully now it's warmer here than in Siberia. Thank you Jesus!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who reads this blah g?

I'm feeling curious. How many people read our blah g? 3? 1? 25? I know of a couple people, but who really knows? Take 10 seconds and post a quick comment, anonymous is fine, and I'll see if we go above 2.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hello sun, where are you?

This is just great.

Is it any wonder people get depressed around here? We're in the "None zone" so it's not like everyone turns to God during times of need, and we see the sun for like 1% of the time.

I hope the weather gets better soon. I'm sick of wearing sweaters.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Dramatic Play?

Today I needed to make mini egg salad sandwiches for a baby shower. Caley wanted to help but it was going to take a while for the eggs to boil, so she practiced with the lettuce on the counter. She cut it

put it in the bowl, added pretend mustard and mayo
and mixed it up.
Later she made a sandwich from the egg salad.

I love how everyday things turn into something fun and educational around here. In the preschool classroom that I worked in during grad school (and every other preschool class for that matter), there is a "dramatic play" area with pretend cups, spoons, etc. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to set the perfect scene. But I love how at home she just gets whatever is out and has a ball. I love watching her learn.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

summer yet?

A few first shots taken with a new canon lens.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

A rule to live by

Caley: "I pick my nose only when I peeking boo."

(Which she's not doing in this picture, good job Caley!)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dear Everett Cost Cutter,

I'm not sure what to say, except I just can't quit you. Since I wrote my manifesto (for lack of a better word), touting that I had found someone else and his name was Fred, I have been repeatedly drawn back to you and you have surprised me in more ways that one. You've changed. You're more courteous. You're cleaner. You're more secure and safe. You're comfortable and my kids like you. Fred just didn't have as much as I thought he did. I went there and just got frustrated that I didn't know where things were and it seemed illogical to have certain items in certain places.

But you've changed, and I like those changes. Better brands, better prices, cleaner and more efficient. You are continually working to make yourself better, your employees are always helpful and happy to see me. At Fred's I'm just one of the crowd, and while I occasionally like some anonymity, I like visiting you every week. When I miss a week, I feel like something's really missing from my life. I'm not kidding even just a little bit. When I missed a week and my husband went shopping in my stead, you noticed. You are always kind to my kids, and give them cookies from a new box to help ease the pain of a long shopping trip. That personal attention is better than anything I could get from Playland, as great as it may be.

I know you. I love you. I'm sorry I ever doubted you.