Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dear Everett Cost Cutter,

I'm not sure what to say, except I just can't quit you. Since I wrote my manifesto (for lack of a better word), touting that I had found someone else and his name was Fred, I have been repeatedly drawn back to you and you have surprised me in more ways that one. You've changed. You're more courteous. You're cleaner. You're more secure and safe. You're comfortable and my kids like you. Fred just didn't have as much as I thought he did. I went there and just got frustrated that I didn't know where things were and it seemed illogical to have certain items in certain places.

But you've changed, and I like those changes. Better brands, better prices, cleaner and more efficient. You are continually working to make yourself better, your employees are always helpful and happy to see me. At Fred's I'm just one of the crowd, and while I occasionally like some anonymity, I like visiting you every week. When I miss a week, I feel like something's really missing from my life. I'm not kidding even just a little bit. When I missed a week and my husband went shopping in my stead, you noticed. You are always kind to my kids, and give them cookies from a new box to help ease the pain of a long shopping trip. That personal attention is better than anything I could get from Playland, as great as it may be.

I know you. I love you. I'm sorry I ever doubted you.



Karina Tinsley said...

you're wacky

NanaG said...

ya goof! You should print your blog and send it to the Cost Cutter manager. He would appreciate it.