Thursday, June 26, 2008


Last Thursday was Caley's playgroup "graduation." I feel silly calling it that, because it's not really graduation as much as just a time to hang out with awesome friends and celebrate the last year of learning. Playgroup started almost two years ago when I suggested to some friends that we start some kind of preschool group for our kids, most of whom were only 18 months. Actually the youngest at the time, Lenora, had just turned 12 months. I had just graduated (haha!) from the Master's program and all the preschool curriculum stuff I'd learned was fresh in my mind, and I didn't want to let all that learnin' go to waste being a stay at home mom. I can't believe I thought it would go to waste! Even without playgroup, I've used what I learned in school more than I thought just having kids. I guess that just shows some areas I've struggled with and where God is growing me. But I digress...

Anyway, we had the first playgroup in September of 2006, with about 7-8 moms and their kids. The theme was transportation and I put tape on the floor for circle time and with great detail planned out circle and small group. It was pretty fun! And since then it's grown into something great. The moms took turns planning and leading the activities this year and did a fantastic job! We covered topics from food to transportation to jobs. We met at my house about once a month which made me enjoy it so much more, just being a participant. Less stress is always best. :) We learned Bible memory verses and it was a nice break to hang out with friends.

Next year it will likely look quite different because the kids are getting older and several are attending preschool and generally lives are getting busier. I'm excited though to have had this year of learning and look forward to what this group becomes. So here's to playgroup! Thanks everyone! I love you!

Here's what playgroup looks like at our house, during "free choice." Caley likes to choose to pretend to be 15 and at the mall looking at boys with her friend Fiona.

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