Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pray for Oprah!

Okay, that's a weird title, but it's true! We should pray for Oprah, that she would see the real truth about Jesus. Oprah calls herself a Christian, but is mistaken about who the real Christ is, what He did and why he did it. She does not believe that Jesus came to die for our sins because we needed him to, but that he came as an example for us. She is, in essence, the pastor of one of the largest churches in America! So many people follow her and her beliefs. I occasionally watch her show, and am in no way saying people shouldn't, but it makes me sad watching it, because she is so lost and needs Jesus just as much as the next person. My women's bible study was discussing this lately, and how cool would it be if Oprah followed Christ and all of her loyal followers in turn did the same. She has so much power in the media, and people really listen to her. It's not an unreasonable request--look at what Jesus did to Paul who was like the Oprah of his time. Saul became Paul, maybe Oprah can be Orpah, her original name? Maybe that's a stretch but it'd still be cool.
On a similar note, how awesome would it be if we all prayed for people in power, like actors, newscasters, presidential candidates regardless of party affiliation? Nothing is going to change in the world, there will be sin until Jesus returns, but it can't hurt to pray to help more people see and know Jesus!

A few years ago when the tv show Friends was winding down, I wondered how it would end. The series is my favorite sitcom, but it's bittersweet because the six Friends are non-believers and the storylines aren't righteous and God-honoring. Monica and Chandler live together before marriage, Rachel and Ross have a child outside marriage, there's a lesbian wedding...not that if people do these things they can't be believers and God can't work in their life, I'm just saying that this is not what I want to model my life after because Christ isn't their focus. But how amazing would it have been if toward the end of the series the writers had come to know Jesus and began writing the characters in that light? If Rachel and Ross had come to know Jesus and gotten married, if Monica and Chandler had turned to Christ, if Phoebe and Joey had done the same and began living their lives the way Christ had lived His? When the final episode of Friends aired, I held out hope that this would be the way they'd go, but I was wrong. But...what if? Sometimes when watching Friends for the bajillionth time while I'm making dinner I feel burdened to pray for this actors and others involved. They are God's children too and He loves them.

Just a thought, can't hurt right?
Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God."

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Karina Tinsley said...

I watched the video link and it's so easy to be angry at the fact that she calls herself a Christian and then says there are many ways to God. I had an actual pyhsical reaction to those words. I forget though that she needs prayer. She leads millions of people every day and that is a powerful thing. She teaches a falsehood about Jesus and Satan uses it to glorify himself. Good job Addie!!