Monday, March 31, 2008


Dear Everett Cost Cutter,

I'm writing to tell you something that's been wearing on my heart for a bit. You have served me and my family well these last 5 years. You always have a smile and you always offer help with the cart and the kids. It's just...there's someone else. His name is Meyer, Fred Meyer. He just does more for me. At Fred's I can buy underwear, towels, and bread. I can buy fresh ground peanut butter and high-quality meat. I can get a cup of Starbucks coffee and stroll around the store in peace because Caley's in Playland for an hour (for free!). You just don't have Playland. You have good prices, but Fred's just has so much more, and I can feel myself being seduced by Mr. Meyer. He just seems to have the whole package.

I promise to visit, I'll keep in touch. Maybe Fred is just a phase, a fling. I'm sorry.


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