Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Poop in the Potty, Poop Goes in the Potty...

Caley's trained! Yay! I'm sure she'll have the occasional accident, but for practical purposes she's potty trained! She finally picked up going #2 in the toilet on Sunday, then had an accident Monday, but on Tuesday went in the toilet three times! On Sunday when she went, I told her she'd get a surprise after her nap and it was making cupcakes and frosting them. She helped put the ingredients together, pouring the batter, and then frosting them. It was really fun and an educational activity too. After that we told her if she went in the toilet, she'd get to have a cupcake.
I feel kind of bad rewarding with food, but if that's what she needs to get motivated at first, that okay. Thankfully she normally only poops once a day.

So that's the exciting news in our house. She is growing up so fast, sometimes it feels like she doesn't even need me and Bill around to help her do stuff. Now if she'd learn to do her laundry (and mine!) and drive herself around I'd be totally obselete.

Amelia's happy about it too!

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