Sunday, October 28, 2007


It was a busy weekend! We got rid of the hot tub! Maybe Bill will post about that sometime.
We celebrated my birthday a bit and did a little Halloween stuff too. Bill got me a digital camera
and some cool scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff. My parents got me some awesome teaching materials from Lakeshore and a pretty locket necklace. Sunday afternoon we went to the YMCA "Trick or Trunk." Caley dressed as a Chinese doll and Amelia was a little bunny. Caley got some candy and lots of little tattoos which will hopefully help her relearn to poop in the toilet! I spoke a little too soon in the last post, she's still learning. Thankfully though she's got the pee part down. Thank you Jesus. We also carved some pumpkins! Enjoy these pictures.

Caley and Captain Jack!!

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