Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Month 4

Mr. Wesley is now 4 months! Holy cow! Where has the time gone? We had his well-child checkup today and he is nearly 14 lbs and and 24" long. That translates to about the 25th percentile for both compared to other boys his age. I actually thought he'd be bigger since he has really plumped up lately. The doctor said he's grown more in length, and is right where he should be. He also seems to have been having a growth sport because he's been waking more frequently at night and not seeming to get full this past week. The doctor thinks it's most likely a spurt and not a reason to start introducing solids, which I'm grateful for because nursing is just easier at this point.

In the past month Wesley has continued being very verbal and social, he loves loves loves laughing at and talking to his sisters and Daddy. He also rarely takes his eyes off me, Mommy. I love that. I love how it feels like he's always been in our family. I love his little rolls and how he kicks his legs. I love his fair, soft skin. I love the little bleached hair areas on the right side of his head. I love how he's generally pretty mellow and likes to watch everything. He loves to chew on anything and drool everywhere. Maybe we're in for a tooth soon! (Probably not since the girls were late teethers, he's just a drool machine.)

So far he's not rolling, but I think it's still pretty close. His baby buddies are both rolling (Magnus and Beck) and while when the girls were babies I was pretty hyper about them being like other babies developmentally, it doesn't bother me so much with Wes. He'll get to it when it's his time. I like my snuggly baby just the way he is for now, but I'm excited for when he can actually play with others, especially the girls. We were at the mall play area today and I could just imagine Wesley toddling around on the toys trying to keep up with Caley and Amelia. That will be a fun time. Crazy, because they'll probably all run in different directions, but still fun.
In other news, we've been pretty girly doing tea parties, brushing hair and primping in the bathroom, painting fingernails and toenails, and staying on top of the most recent fashion trends around the Gerlach house. We hope you had a good month too.

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Ande said...

What is Bill doing to poor Wesley! He's such a cutie, I'm glad Mags has a buddy:) Cute tea party pics!