Saturday, June 05, 2010

Caley's Owie Legs

I've been wanting to blog about this for a while, but keep forgetting. In the last few months we finally figured out what was causing Caley's "owie legs" for the last year or more. It was the toilet seats in our house! Since Caley's been independent on an adult toilet, she's had an itchy rash on the backs of her legs. We tried almost everything, changing how I clean the toilets (from Clorox to baking soda and vinegar), hydrocortizone, Vicks, nystatin and other topical products. I even tried rubbing a paste of baking soda on her owies. She continued to scratch them and even cause them to bleed. The owies would get worse and then better, but never go away. We made an appointment to see a dermatologist but it was so far scheduled out that by the time it came the owies seemed better so I cancelled the appointment.

Finally, I googled it and found this article-- Wooden Toilet Seats Can Trigger Children's Rash and it clicked. The toilet seats she usually sits on are cheapo painted wood!

So we bought this kind from Home Depot by Bemis/Next Step

They're higher quality and a better size for her tiny tushie. Within a few weeks her owies looked so much better and now they're COMPLETELY GONE!!

I told her pediatrician that I'd figured it out and she's recommended changing the toilet seats to other patients and it's worked for them too.

Thank you GOOGLE.


Ande said...

Nice! Now your adding DR. to your list of "hats":) I never knew that! That seat is so clever, I've been wanting one:)

Melody C. Bondurant said...

Isn't that crazy how sometimes the solutions to life are soo simple...yet, so hard to pin-point.
So, exciting that you figured it out and can now help others out! Good job on your research!