Saturday, September 16, 2006

Caley's Jobs

Caley's getting really good at pulling her weight around here. I (Addie) try to give her jobs around the house and usually she does it, sometimes after a lot of pointing and asking. She helps me put away the Tupperware from the dishwasher, and she hands me silverware. She also is learning where her dirty laundry goes and likes to help me pull the clean, dry laundry out of the dryer. She also really likes to pick up trash from the ground, "yuckys," and put them in the garbage (also "yucky"). Personally, I think she's a little genius, but I'm a little biased. Somehow she's learned lots of character names, like Ernie, Elmo, Bob and Larry, but I don't remember teaching her those explicitly. It wasn't until I noticed she liked Elmo and Ernie that we started watching Sesame Street DVDs and Veggie Tales. Maybe she learned that stuff at church from her friends.

Ironically, she hurt herself this week on the one thing we have to keep her safe: the gate. We got a gate for her bedroom so she can sleep in her big girl bed and not run out of the room and fall down the stairs. She ran into it, I think, because now she has a huge gash in her face. It's like a commercial for how much attention I pay to her... :) No, it's not that bad, but it looks bad.


Anonymous said...

Very cute little girl! How old is she? I have a 18 month old boy. I was just wondering where you were in the picture that you two are hanging from the old ship. I think that is a really cool picture. Oh by the way I am Damon, I have a blog also. I won't post the link to it but if you want to check it out you can find it in my profile page.

Askinstoo said...
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