Sunday, December 10, 2006

O Christmas Tree

This weekend we also went to the Children's Ministry Christmas party. Caley won in the kid category for most outrageous Christmas outfit. She wore a puffy paint Santa sweatshirt, and Rudolph antlers and a flashing nose. Bill and I wore equally weird Christmas sweaters.

We got our Christmas tree today and decorated it. It's always fun to remember how we got all the ornaments. Caley put a few ornaments on this year, she especially liked the Sesame Street ones from my Grandma Ev. My favorite ornament is my Baby's First Christmas one, it's a buggy with a baby and it says "1981." Grandma also gave us some retro tree lights, you can see them in the pictures, the huge bright ones. I'm sure they're a fire hazard, they get warm and some wire is exposed, but I just love them! It really adds a nostalgic look to our tree. Some people have a themed-tree, ours is just eclectic and random. I think it's the perfect kind of tree, one with lots of history. Enjoy these pictures!

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