Monday, January 15, 2007

Caley's New Faves

Every few months Caley finds a new toy, book, or activity that she loves. Lately she has been infatuated with two stuffed animals, Ernie and Marshall Grover, both ones I used to play with at her age. I wonder why, out of the tons of toys and stuffed animals she has, she loves these two. I'd say because it smells like me, but it doesn't, it smells like 20-year-old toy that's been licked, dropped in the mud, and probably peed on at some point. And because these are plush and not plastic, I'm hesitant to wash in the washing machine, for fear of making it look freakier than it already does. But Caley loves these toys, and rarely doesn't have either of them with her.

She also is really loving her book about Jesus, meaning her Toddler Bible. Every night we read a few stories and she always cries when it's time to put the book away and go to sleep. "Jesus! Jesus!" she yells. Although while we're reading she doesn't usually comment on the people in the stories, but more the animals and picture of fire ("hot" she says). I'm glad that she's at least open to Jesus, it gives me hope that she will come to know Him at an early age.

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Royden and Ruth said...

She's one smart cookie that Caley...but mom I want more of 'Jesus' so you can't put me to bed yet!! :) We miss you guys...must get together soon. Any plans for this weekend? I have a four day weekend T F S S. Lemme know...we can do dinner here:)