Sunday, November 18, 2007

Facing the Fear of the Mirror

Up until very recently, I had a fear of mirrors (eisoptrophobia). Well, maybe not a diagnosed phobia, but mirrors (especially at night) really freaked me out. When we were first married and lived in the townhouse we had mirror on the wall. Then we made the mistake of seeing "The Ring"in the theater. In that movie there was a scary scene where the dead people were in the mirrors. That movie seriously haunted me for many years. Now even recalling it makes me have goosebumps (and it doesn't help that where I'm sitting right now there's a mirror behind me). Anyway, after that movie, I couldn't stand having that mirror in our room. So much that I would stay in bed even if I woke up to go to the bathroom, just so I wouldn't have to walk past the mirror. We eventually redecorated our bedroom in that house and the mirror had to go. But it still left me a little afraid of the dark, sad, I know. How old am I? When Caley was born I had to face my fear of the dark to nurse her at night, and slowly that fear is going away thank you Jesus.

Last summer our friend Melana had an awesome art show of art and mirrors at fantastic prices. We stocked up, and also got a few mirrors. Bill talked me into it, but I told him the mirrors couldn't be anywhere I might walk at night tending to the baby. So we put one in the dining room, and I think it looks really nice since I only see it during the day.

We got another big mirror and after a few weeks Bill put it in our room. I was very hesitant. He reasoned that it's been a few years and the mirror wasn't going to get me. So we started by turning it backwards just so I could get used to it. Then after a few days we turned it around and that's where it is now. I have to walk past it at night when I feed Amelia. I try not to look at it, and so far it's working.

Now the only rule is that we never watch "The Ring" again because then the mirror will have to go.

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