Sunday, December 30, 2007

Obligatory Christmas Letter and Happy New Year!

As we finish up 2007 and look into the new year, we wanted to share how the year has gone for each of us and how God has changed us these last 12 months. So often Christmas letters are all about what we have done, but really it's more important to look at what God has allowed us to do, and how He has changed us over the year. (Okay, I "stole" this concept from Pastor JD here).

Amelia- I started out 2007 as a bean-sized version in Mommy's belly and she selflessly gave me nourishment until I decided to be born in August. So far I really like it on the outside, although some days (like when Caley jumps on me) I wonder why I wanted to leave my home before this one. But the locals are pretty nice, Daddy is really funny and he tickles me, Mommy still gives me nourishment but I have to work harder than before. The little one, Caley, is my best friend. She loves me even though she can be rough. One time she climbed in my crib and it was a nice wake-up call, it made me laugh.

Caley- I'm not sure what I did to deserve to have my world turned upside down when Amelia was born. That was a big shock. I thought Mommy and Daddy meant I would get a new doll when they said Mommy had a baby in her tummy. But it turns out the world is pretty good on the other side. Amelia is really cool and I love to sing to her and play with her. She always laughs at my jokes and so far she doesn't steal my toys. Also this year I learned how to potty in the toilet and now I'm a big girl! When I potty in the toilet I get tattoos and they're really cool.

Addie- God changed me a lot this year, it's all the process of sanctification I guess. Having two kids is a lot harder, yet more rewarding, than just one. God has changed my heart on a few issues and (I hope) made me a better person, although I am reminded daily of how much I still need Jesus (thanks Caley). I've learned that being a wife and a mom are my primary callings right now and it's a relief to not have the burdening question of "what am I going to be?" Hopefully the momentum will continue!


Our hopes for 2008 are that God would continue to change us for the better and give us much for which to be thankful!

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