Thursday, February 21, 2008


Thursdays are one of my favorites days because we have playgroup and sometimes I get a sitter in the afternoon for some "time off." Today was great, we went to a playgroup field trip, got some yummy lunch, then the girls went to the sitter and I got to go running. It was a beautiful day, I rocked out to my Podrunner music and ran hard. Along the road I saw some beautiful purple crocuses (or is it croci?) and it was a wonderful reminder that winter is on it's way out and the days will soon be getting longer and warmer. The changing of the seasons is such a wonderful time, such a beautiful reminder of God's glory and love for us. I love the winter because snow is fun and the holidays are great, but it's such a relief to not have to always have the heat on and wear eight layers of clothing.

Thank you Jesus for the sun, that it warms us and lets flowers grow and add color to a cold world.

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