Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkins take three

Today we visited Carleton Farm in Snohomish with our playgroup (and other) friends. This is the third year we've gone and it was so much fun. Caley had a blast running through the pumpkin patch and sliding down the tube slide. Amelia walked a bit and tried to sit on a pumpkin. I hope this becomes a yearly tradition for us as the kids get older. 
I remember going to the local pumpkin patch as a kindergartner with Mrs. Boyd's class. We all visited Mr. Wilmer's farm in the country and got to bring a pumpkin home. It was fun growing up in a small town because many of the kids I went to kindergarten stayed my friends through high school. We've all dispersed now but it's fun to keep in touch through Myspace, Facebook, and trips to Astoria. It feels good to be able to say, I've known these people since I was 5. Andrew, Valerie, Steven, Kirk, Katie, Meghan, and others. I hope Caley and Amelia have similar memories when she's my age and by God's grace her friends from today will still be her friends 20 years from now.

Caley and her gal pals Lenora and Fiona. Caley's the oldest, but shortest. Not a surprise when your parents are Addie and Bill. 

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