Friday, January 06, 2012

What Mom Says

"Save the white hairs" (while playing Guess Who with Caley)

"Come get your balls" (giving Caley her fish oil supplement)

"Caley, let Amelia honk" (at the grocery store in the car cart with the steering wheel)

"Stop showing your pee-hole!"

"We don't touch butts."

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

This made me laugh. My mom says stuff like this all the time and doesn't realize what she's said until we all start laughing. :) Your kids will love this someday, if they don't already!

Loved your previous post about weight and worth. That's a tough lesson, isn't it? Made so much tougher by all the media we're surrounded by. I love my body now more than I ever have--now, after four babies that have wreaked havoc on my physical body. I love it for what it can DO, not what it looks like. And I love me--different from my body--because I am a child of God. Your post hit the nail right on the head, for me. What a wise woman you are!