Friday, November 20, 2009

Boys Who Can Shave

In a recent sermon by Mark Driscoll, he discusses adolescence and how it's not really a life stage as much as something our culture has created to defer responsibility. Adolescence is loosely defined as being the time between childhood and adulthood. The problem however, arises that it's debatable what makes one an adult, thus adolescence is lasting longer and longer. From the Wikipedia article on adolescence, "This transition involves biological, social, and psychological changes, though the biological or physiological ones are the easiest to measure objectively. Historically, puberty has been heavily associated with teenagers and the onset of adolescent development. In recent years, however, the start of puberty has had somewhat of an increase in preadolescence (particularly females), and adolescence has had an occasional extension beyond the teenage years (typically males). This has made adolescence less simple to discern." View this clip:

More thoughts to come...

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LINDSEY said...

I've just spent some time catching up on your blog...congrats on your baby BOY coming! Boys are so fun. And I can't believe you ran a 10K while you were're amazing! Merry Christmas!