Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Caley!

This post is two weeks late, but we want to wish our big Caley HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Caley we are thankful for you and look forward to how you will grow and learn in the future. You are a smart girl with a strong personality, but you can be reserved at times. You are thoughtful and silly, you love your daddy and sister and brother. You are gentle but passionate. You love your blankets and stuffed animals. You love foot jammies and wearing dresses.
You are learning to love Jesus, and I pray that you would grow to be more like Him.

The last five years have been fun and difficult, at times, but we could not imagine our lives without you.

We love you silly girl!

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LINDSEY said...

This is the first time I've checked your blog since you had Wesley. Congratulations! He's so beautiful...LOVE the mohawk. :) He just looks so snuggly and sweet. And I understand about losing your patience at the end of a pregnancy, especially after so many false alarms. Way to hang in there for a beautiful delivery! God bless you all five!