Friday, April 02, 2010

Month 2

Wesley is a full two months now and he's fitting in perfectly with our little family. He is starting to get more predictable patterns and everyone adores him. The last two nights he's gone to bed in his crib around 8pm and we haven't heard a peep until midnight-ish. It makes for a nice, relaxing evening when everyone is safe and sound under this roof and Mommy gets a break. He has shown that he likes being in the Sidecar Sling a lot, and I'm so thankful for it because I can keep him happy and have both arms free. As of Wednesday when we visited the doctor, Wesley weighs nearly 11 pounds and is in the 30% for weight and about 10% for height. Not surprising!
We took a trip to Astoria, which was Wesley's first road trip. He did great in the car, and both ways we only stopped once to stretch our legs and for Wesley to nurse. He also has been quite the chatterbox and loves to smile and "talk," especially to Daddy.
We love you Wesley!

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