Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today Caley asked me, "Mommy, what's that orange and white circle that people put to their mouth and then smoke comes out?" Smoking. I was kind of taken aback because I never expected her to ask that kind of question and because I had no idea where to start explaining the answer.
I tried to explain that it's a plant called tobacco that grows and makes leaves, then the leaves are baked and crushed then put in the paper, then people light it on fire and smoke it. I told her it's not very healthy but some people don't care if it's not healthy, they do it anyway. I told her it's unhealthy because it's hurts people's insides. I also told her a lot of people start and want to stop, but can't because it's really hard to.

I'm very glad Caley can feel comfortable asking me questions that are difficult. This one is probably the hardest question so far, but I know there will be many more in the coming years. I'm just hoping it doesn't happen sooner than it should, like when we're in the grocery store and she reads "sex" on a magazine and asks, "Mom, what's sex"? Lord, help me. Would it be okay to make her walk around the store with a blindfold on her face?

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rach said...

I too am dreading those questions..especially with how "open" everything is..magazines and papers covered in things I dont even want to read/see let alone my children. Part of parenting I guess..not a fun part..though I pray my kids always feel safe to come to talk to us about anything!