Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's always somethin' 'round here

Today we are pumping out water from under the house. Why? Well because a little visitor, a rat decided to set up shop in the crawl space and chew through the dishwasher return hose. We didn't notice it for several weeks and the little b*****d chewed through the tube enough to cause a bunch of water to squirt in the subfloor and the crawl space. It's caused some buckling of the hardwood floor. Thankfully we figured it out now instead of in a few more weeks. What a pain. Thankfully my sweet husband is a very good "do-it-yourself-er" and it's almost back go normal. And we caught the rat in a trap so hopefully it won't happen again.
Not to mention the list of things to do is already a mile long...oh the fun of homeownership!

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