Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Caley's new favorite snack isn't a normal one for toddlers, she's recently become obsessed with capers, yes, those little vinegar-y pea-like garnishes in gourmet food. She calls them "peas" and always gets them out of the fridge and says, "Peas please". Actually it sounds more like "Peas peas" because her articulation is still developing. Capers are described as, "Capers are the unopened green flower buds of the Capparis spinosa (Capparidaceae - caper family - closely related to the cabbage family), a wild and cultivated bush that is grown mainly in Mediterranean countries (southern France, Italy, and Algeria) and also in California...The taste is slightly astringent and pungent, and they can lend piquancy to many sauces and condiments; they can also be used as a garnish for meat and vegetable dishes."

Funny how our daughter sometimes refuses "normal" snacks like peanut butter, but adores the gourmet dish. :)

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Royden and Ruth said...

My toddlerhood food fantasy was a a jar of olives...mmmm...now I don't like them. Kid's must like pickled food.