Monday, April 23, 2007

Bye bye binky!

We had a good weekend just working around the house mostly. On Saturday Caley and I went to our friend Fiona's birthday party and it was really fun! She got a custom made sandbox that the kids had fun playing in. Thankfully Caley didn't really want to get dirty, I had dressed her in a pretty dress. She's such a girl. :)

On Sunday Caley helped me wash the Volvo and did a really good job. She got out of the way when I had to spray the car with the hose, and only washed in the area I was washing. She did get pretty dirty though, and wet. She's less like a girl in that way. :)

We also worked on a doll house from our friend Jennie. Jennie is letting us borrow it long term because she just had a baby boy and probably won't be using it for a while. And with our 2 girls I'm sure it'll get a lot more use. I washed it down and put in some "carpet" and took down some old wallpaper. When Caley saw it she got really excited. She likes putting things through the front door and putting her little bears and dolls in the rooms. She's a girl for sure. :)

Sunday night we decided to take away the binky. I was a little nervous because I've heard of people trying to extinguish the binky and their children cried for hours. We just continued with her normal bedtime routine, but without the binky. She started asking for it and when we left the room she cried, but only for about 15 minutes. Then she slept through the night and I didn't hear a peep from her. No more binky! Although I'm sure she'll latch onto any stray binky, especially when her little sister comes. That's just how she is and we love her for it. And if she ever wants a binky of her own, this is what she'll be getting:

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