Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Not a big surprise, but today is Election Day. And in the last few days the feeling in the Gerlach house hold has been hopeful, prayerful, and sometimes despairing when thinking about what may happen depending on the outcome of the election. One thing remains though. JESUS will still be our Lord and Savior regardless of whom is elected to president, governor, or commissioner of public lands. 

This video by John Piper says it beautifully. As Christians we shouldn't be so consumed in politics because this world isn't our home. We have a foot on earth and a foot in heaven. None of this human nonsense is a big surprise to God because He's seen it before and He'll see it again. It's not whether our country is in good economic times, as Piper says in this video, more people may turn to Jesus when we are in bad economic times.


[This does not excuse supporting a candidate who supports the killing of innocent children in utero (or newly born), but to be fair, both McCain and Obama support abortion (to varying degrees) and I voted for McCain. Choose the lesser of the two evils I guess. (Governor Palin does not support any form of abortion for any reason and I think that's the way it should be.)]


Our identity is not in whom we vote for, but in the God we worship. And the Gerlach house worships Jesus.

To God be the Glory, Forever and Ever, AMEN!


And if Obama gets elected, I'll be praying hard that the true Jesus grabs hold of him so our country can see TRUE CHANGE.


bill said...

Amen! That's my girl!


mommy mel said...

amen and Amen!!!
Thank you for refreshing my political grievances.