Monday, November 24, 2008

How Caley Helps

We've started having Caley do chores and earn allowance. Her chores are usually to clean her room and set the table. She also helps me put the dishes away, which isn't a chore, just part of living here--do your part. ;) Every morning we go over the day's schedule, including her chores. When the day is over we put the "Day" card back on the whiteboard and the cards with the chores she's done. When the week is over and she's done her chores, she get $1. Last week we gave her the money in coins so she can portion it out easier for tithing the next day at preschool church.  
So she's been super helpful around the house lately. It's been really refreshing. Here's another way she's been helping, enjoy!

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Tamara said...

How old is Caley?? I read this with such conviction as we have not implemented any such program with Chloe. We need to! She is terrible at helping to clean up, but is really good at making messes. I would love more info on how you have done this successfully.