Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's an EVE party!

For Caley's birthday, she said she wanted an EVE party. (EVE is from the movie WALL-E.) And that's what she got! It's been like an EVE factory at our house for the last few weeks. For her party she invited three girlfriends over for dinner, cake and watching WALL-E! Then they had a sleepover! It's been really fun planning and preparing for this party.

The invitation
The practice cake...looks okay, tasted sickenly sweet.
The Rice Krispie treat cake we had at playgroup.
The biggest project by far was the EVE doll pillows. I got the idea from this website and adapted it based on the materials I could find. I'm not a seamstress by any means, so this was fairly challenging for me, especially since I hadn't used my sewing machine for over 2 years. Actually there are a lot of mistakes and if I were to make many more hopefully each one would look better than the last. But it's for kids, so who cares. For the body I used T-shirts. For the patches I used felt because it doesn't fray, and for her plant symbol I used iron-on patches for pants cut into the correct shapes.
The girls also made EVE puppets. I originally was going to have them stuff the dolls, but that'd be too much work sewing them back up on party night. They seemed to enjoy the puppets!
And finally, the last EVE cake!

They didn't sleep as much as I'd hoped, but it was still a really fun party!
"Thank you friends for coming to my party!" -Caley


Karina Tinsley said...

sorry they didn't sleep much but Olivia had so much fun. Thank you for having her over.

Christine said...

you are a cool mom :)