Monday, January 05, 2009

Things I Love

Running in the rain.
Coming home from running in the rain to a warm, clean house that smells like what I made for dinner.
When my house smells like meatloaf from this recipe.
When the kids sleep in.
When the kids sleep in and I get a few hours in the morning to blog.
Watching Friends.
Seeing my friends after a few weeks of not seeing them.
Playing with the kids in the children's ministry.
Watching Caley play with her friends in the preschool class at church.
When it rains.
When it's sunny and breezy.
Snuggling with my girls when they're not feeling too good.
Snuggling with Billy.
Listening to the girls play. Nicely.
Sunday naps.
Jesus, for all these wonderful things in my life.

1 comment:

LINDSEY said...

Oh how I miss the rain. It's nice to hear someone else loves it too! Texans aren't too crazy about it. :)