Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tantrums at Target and, well everywhere

Oh my dear sweet Amelia, where have you gone? You have been replaced by Little Miss Independent in the grocery store, in the parking lot, and so many other places. You want to walk by yourself, where you want to go (which is always 180 degrees from where I need to go). You want to hold the cup and drink, not have a sip while it's in my hand. You don't want to hold anyone's hand while crossing the street, so I have to pick you up, which just makes you more angry. Dear sweet Amelia, I'm just trying to protect you. I don't want to lose you to a crazy car that's driving too fast or a creepy guy looking to snatch up cute little girls in a lamb coat. I don't want you to fall and hurt your pretty little face on the sidewalk. Why don't you see that I love you and want you to stay safe?

It must be the way God feels when I want to do my own thing instead of letting him carry me through. When my stubborness and independence takes over instead of letting my Father care for me as I care for you dear sweet Amelia.

So sweet baby that's not a baby anymore...thank you for showing me how I act toward God sometimes. I'm not angry with you, it's your sin nature...this must be one of the reasons God gave me a toddler, to teach me through you. 

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