Saturday, September 12, 2009


One of my goals during this pregnancy was to stay in better shape than during my previous pregnancies. I was a little nervous because in my experience being pregnant during this time of year has been difficult. In my pregnancy with Caley I found it difficult to stay active because during the summer I felt sick and in the winter it was so cold and dreary and I felt like a 30-week prego whale.

But this time I decided to try to continue running and the end of the running road would be the IronGirl race. And the race was today! So at nearly 19 weeks I ran a 10k with a friend and it was so fun! Exhausting, but fun. I finished in 1hour, 11 minutes (search for me here). Longer than previous races, but my goal was only to finish without having to walk.

God is so good and I feel blessed to have stayed healthy through this pregnancy. With his grace I may run (or walk fast) occasionally through the rest of the pregnancy.

Thank you Jesus for a healthy body, supportive family, fun encouraging friends and a beautiful day for a race!!


Tamara said...

Go Addie!... Go Addie!!

Kristin Edwards said...

Addie you're awesome :)