Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coupon Deals!

I've been couponing for about 6 months and am starting to feel a lot more confident. I primarily shop at Cost Cutter for food and Rite Aid for everything else, like toilet paper, diapers, cosmetic products and medicines. I used to only get diapers at Costco, but by combining sales and coupons at Rite Aid I've been able to build up my stockpile of diapers (we go through them slowly because we also use cloth) for much cheaper or even free. Cost Cutter has a lot of good food deals but I occasionally hit other stores if the deals are irresistible. Still I have some guilt when I do this, but my pocketbook seems to like it so maybe I should just get over it. :)

 In this first picture I shopped at Albertsons and bought 10 packages of cheeses, 5 Cool Whips and 10 ears of corn. Guess how much I paid for all of it?
$5! Buy 5 cheeses, with coupon, get $5 back on your next order (ONYO). Bought 5 more cheeses with coupon, get $5 back. Bought 5 Cool Whips with the ONYO catalinas and 10 corns with another catalina from another previous transaction. BOOYAH!

For this next picture I shopped at Rite Aid. 3 Jumbo packs of diapers, 1 360ct wipes, 2 packages of Dial soap, 2 John Frieda hair products, 2 Ibuprofen, 2 toothbrushes, 1 Listerine. How much did I pay for it?
I think about $6! How? I got the diapers for FREE!! (Actually after rebate I made $2). With the credits I got from the diapers, I bought the other things at a huge discount. Yeah boi!

This last picture is also from Rite Aid. How much did I pay for all this candy? (20 full-size bags of Halloween Candy)
Nothing! Actually I MADE $6. Late last week there was a crazy unadvertised deal at Rite Aid which basically gave out free candy. Buy 10 bags, pay $20 cash, get back in Rite Aid catalinas (+UP rewards) $25! So right there I made $5. Go back again and get 10 bags of candy, pay with the +UP rewards (some left over), get another $25 in +UP rewards. Now I have a grand total of $29 in +UP rewards which can be spent on anything non-prescription at Rite Aid. So basically Rite Aid paid me $6 to take some candy home. I'm usually the Halloween Grinch because candy is expensive and 15 year-olds just walk around the neighborhood in a pillowcase asking for free stuff. But I can be less Grinch-like this year because I got the candy for free too (but I wasn't wearing a pillowcase). And now I can get what my family may really need with the extra +UP rewards at Rite Aid.
Edited to add: Today I went back to Rite Aid for this week's deals and spent the $29 +UP rewards, mostly on items which are free after Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate program. So I got more free stuff AND will be refunded the amount I originally paid for purchase the candy. Holy crap HOW DOES RITE AID DO IT?!!


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Melody C. Bondurant said...

That's amazing Addie!! I've never gotten into coupons because at first sight, they aren't for anything I would buy... Like bags of candy. I see how one can be more clever than the adds though. If we were close, you'd have to give me a crash course!!!!