Thursday, October 14, 2010


Has anyone seen a little girl about yay high, blond hair, brown-green eyes and answers to the name "Caley"? I thought I knew where she went but it seems she's been replaced by this huge girl in my house now. This new girl always finishes what's on her plate, can read fairly confidently, can clothe herself, draw people with bodies (not just head, arms and legs) brush her own teeth and hair, and even has a loose tooth! This new girl also answers to the name "Caley," so I can't figure out what happened to the other little girl. Also there seems to be another new addition to my home, who curiously looks a lot like the little Caley who is missing and even wears some of her clothes. However this other girl has brown hair, a round face, can read a few letters, and keeps her underwear dry all day. She answers to the name Amelia.
On that note, there seems to be some more shenanigans going on, my little baby is no longer a girl but a boy. The last I remembered I had two kids, Caley and Amelia, who were 2.5 and a baby, but it now seems that baby is a boy and doesn't answer to the name Amelia. Who is playing a trick on me?

Can someone please explain this strange phenomenon to me? What happened to my kids?


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bridget said...

Addie, what a great post... I think "missing" is the perfect way to describe that leap our kids make (so fun, and a little sad).