Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today I am thankful for...

washing machines! And dishwashers! And heaters! And crockpots!

These things make my life so much easier. I love hearing the hum humming of things working around my home that I don't have to stand over and make sure it gets done. The freedom that comes with having a dishwasher and clothes washers and dryers allows me to do what I really would rather, like play with my kids or read a book during their quiet time.

Children are a blessing! The washing machine is way more valuable to me than the Pill, another modern "convenience."

Besides, if you have enough kids they can do all the work! Think of all the money we'd save on electricity that way! (I kid, I kid!)

Re-posting an interesting article about washing machines vs. The Pill. Just for kicks. :)

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