Thursday, August 07, 2008

Caley's in Disneyland

Okay, not really Disneyland, but for a three-year-old visiting Grama and Papa, it's pretty close. Caley's spending the week with my parents in Astoria, "Cousin Camp minus the cousins." When I was a kid we would visit Grandpa Bob and Grandma Ev for a week in the summer with our cousins, so this is reminiscent of that, there just aren't any cousins yet! Unless my parents want to watch our eleven Gerlach neices and nephews...
They will come home and stay the weekend with Amelia while we go to Lake Chelan. My mom's been sending pictures and Caley looks like she's having so much fun, she probably doesn't even miss us. It's been a nice, quiet week for us here and Amelia is enjoying the extra attention. Enjoy these pictures!

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Anonymous said...

what a small world we live in, my kido in your blogg~ Kandice had a fun time playing at the park! We go there as much as posable, it's fun. Have a good day!Kim