Friday, July 02, 2010

Holy Rite Aid Steal of a Deal!

Several weeks ago I scored the BEST Rite Aid deal. Guess how much I paid for this?Nothing! Actually I MADE $4!!

Yes, I made money shopping at Rite Aid. I had no idea this sort of thing was possible before I started couponing. But given the right matchups and stacking of coupons and store deals, it can happen!

The funny thing about this shopping trip is I was planning on going grocery shopping right afterward, but made a trip home to help Bill and in the process LOST my grocery coupons and a rebate form. So I missed out on another moneymaking deal through the rebate and that day's grocery coupons. I was so bummed out I practically cried. Seriously. I was wandering around Cost Cutter without any clue as to how I should go about the trip. I've asked around and haven't found my bag with coupons and it's been over a month. I think someone thought it was a wallet and swiped it from my cart. It was a humbling day, to say the least. Coupons and an excellent shopping trip are not more important than many other things. Losing the coupons and rebate was a reminder to me that I shouldn't raise them higher than other, more important things!

But it's still fun to get a good deal! Everything in moderation...everything in moderation...

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D said...

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