Friday, July 09, 2010

Poor Wesley with two older sisters frequently gets dressed in pink cloth diapers or girly diaper covers. He's ALL BOY however, make no mistake! Only a real man could confidently wear girly colored underwears.
Today it was so hot he just wore his diaper all day and tonight he went with me to take Caley to the slumber party so we ran some errands. Wesley was in a diaper with a girly cover and a pink binky, in his gender neutral car seat. But surprisingly when we saw some people who oohed and aahed at Wesley's cuteness, they could tell he was a boy! They said he had a very boy look to his face. And they loved his leg chunks.
What a handsome man!

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Lindsey said...

Oh, Addie. He is just so boy. No amount of pink could girlify him...he's boy. And so handsome! :) I love your kids' eyes. And the 80's night you posted about a while ago is AWESOME. Good call!