Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Month 6

We've made it halfway to a year, hooray! Today Wesley is 6 months old. It's an odd feeling because it seems like he's always been in our family. I wouldn't say our family is "complete" however, the question of "will we have more kids" has not yet been answered. But I definitely feel like Wesley rounds out our family quite perfectly for the moment. For once I'm not anxious to move onto the next stage, but fairly content with where we are in this parenting adventure. I really am enjoying each stage the three kids are in right now.
Caley is becoming so "grown up," reading independently, making authentic friendships and being a greatly nurturing big sister. Amelia is hot on Caley's heels and sometimes it's hard for me to tell the two apart from a distance. Out of the corner of my eye I'll see Amelia in an outfit Caley used to wear and have to double-take to make sure which girl it is. She has a temperament unique from Caley, which is neither good nor bad. She's so close to being potty trained, yet I will have to break down and buy another box of diapers tomorrow because we only have one more in her size. Poor kid had to wear a size 2 (Wesley's) today in a pinch. She's initiating about 50% of the time, and "holding it" adequately, especially when I'm distracted and forget to remind her to use the potty.

Wesley is blossoming into an inquisitive, grabby, drooly sitter. He started maintaining sitting a few days ago, in a disposable diaper, and has gotten quite proficient at it so I may see how he does while in a cloth diaper soon. (The big butt of cloth diapers has always interfered with my babies sitting skills.)He's using the bath seat too which makes bathtime much more fun. He's also becoming a pesky sleeper, with the hot weather I feel bad bundling him up like an eskimo but it's the only way to get him to sleep. I've been swaddling him really tight with at least two blankets and safety pinning the swaddle shut, yet he still seems to wiggle out. He also frequently rolls over (while swaddled) during nap/bedtime. He also grabs at anything and everything, including phones, keys, his sister's hair, anything. Wesley has also expanded his palate to include yogurt and sweet potatoes since last month. Soon we will try mangoes, peas, nectarines, and oatmeal.
It's hard to believe that 6 months ago today Wesley came into the world. We are so thankful God brought him into our family. Time really does move too fast.
We love you Wesley! In another 6 months you'll be stuffing your face with cake! :)

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Ande said...

You guys are such dorks:) I love it! I'm so glad we met and have gotten to get to know each other better over the last 9 months:) Can't wait to see our boys stuffing their faces with cake!