Monday, August 02, 2010

Pot (or, our backyard project update)

July 6th we celebrated out 8th wedding anniversary! I am so thankful to have married Bill, he is such a blessing to my life. I didn't know that the guy I asked to dance at swing dancing class would turn out to be such an awesome husband, but he is!

Pottery is the gift for 8th wedding anniversaries and that's what we've been working on lately, specifically the backyard patio and firepit (pictures in another blog post). The entire project has taken over a year, which I guess is appropriate since it took our entire 8th year of marriage to complete. Of course we did other things this year too, like have a baby, but whatever. The attention to detail and planning on Bill's part is truly amazing. For the patio we hired a landscaping company but Bill helped with some labor and we worked out a deal with the company. Bill made the back stone porch all by himself though! That thing is a rock. In 100 years when our house is falling apart or if there's an earthquake, that thing will still be standing strong! He had to dig really deep and pour cement to make a solid foundation. The same can be said for the firepit. When Adam was living here over the winter we didn't ask him to pay rent, but we did ask him to dig a huge hole in our backyard for the firepit foundation. It looked a little odd for quite a while.
I haven't even mentioned that Bill also built the back slider porch last summer. Or that he also repaired the playhouse floor (with the help of my dad), walls, and carpet. And now he's tackling painting the outside of the playhouse. Or that he also is redoing the third garage. And building lawn furniture from the old deck wood. This guy never stops! But through all of it he continued to be a wonderful dad and husband, playing with the kids and spending time with us. All these are good reasons I'm thankful I married him eight years ago.
The original deck!
We took it out all by hand.
A pastor from our church helped us build new posts to support the upstairs deck and re-side the area that was below the original deck.
Hauling in tons (literally) of gravel after digging out more dirt where the deck was.
Screeting sand for the back stone porch.
Look what Bill did! That's a lot of cinder block!
Almost done!
I'm not sure how many total hours this project took, but it's been a labor of love that we will get to enjoy for many years to come.

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