Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Month 7

Holy almost September! Wesley is 7 months!
We had a very full August with a trip to Astoria for my high school reunion, another week without the girls in which Bill, Wesley and I did all sorts of adventures, and lots of playing outside!

We spent a week in Astoria, just me and the kids, at the beginning of August. Caley and Amelia had a blast going to the pool with Grama and I was able to get a ton of work done for the reunion. Wesley chilled with me, and we spent a lot of time walking and contemplating. We even saw whales at the South Jetty! Well, Wesley was distracted by nursing, but I saw the whales and it was so neat! On that trip, and since, Wesley has shown he doesn't care to drink milk unless it's the real thing. But thankfully he eats many solids now and won't starve if I need to be gone for more than 4-5 hours. While in Astoria we went to the county fair and saw lots of animals and ate some ice cream. Yummy!
Amelia's birthday was Friday of the week in Astoria. By then Bill had joined us (Dad's friend flew him) so we did a family morning in Seaside, and had a birthday party in the evening with Grama and Papa.
The following week we went to Jetty Island, a small man-made island off the coast of Everett. We had to take a little ferry, but it was well worth it to get to play in warm-ish water and nice sand. Our friends Ande, Mina, Max and Magnus, and Lauren, Evie and Beck came too. Magnus has the same birthday as Wes and Beck is about 10 days older.
Later that week we had a kid birthday party for Amelia, who by the way is about 95% potty trained (during the day!!!), complete with playdough, snacks and cupcakes. Wonderful, crazy, kid fun!
Wesley is eating a lot of solids, as I mentioned. He's a big fan of graham crackers, cheerios, peas, and soon we will try peaches, plums, and other fruits.
We are on the home stretch to Wesley's first birthday. I can't even believe it's already been 7 months. I love this little man so much, he's such a sweetie.
We love you Wesley!

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