Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 2: A Favorite Movie

One of my favorite movies is The Notebook, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The Notebook is one of those movies I thought would be stupid, juvenile and predictable. I wasn't very interested in ever watching it until Bill rented it one night. (Usually that's how it works, Bill makes me watch some movie I think will be totally stupid, and I end up loving it. Unfortunately it doesn't work the same way when I choose a movie. In those cases it ends up being a waste of time and Bill complains.) We lived in the Lynnwood townhouse at the time, and I think it was before we had Caley. It turned out to be such a wonderful movie, especially one to watch with my husband (who really liked it too). We watch it maybe once a year, and if it were up to me we'd watch it more.
I think what makes it such a great movie is the chemistry between the two lead actors. I think they actually dated in real life, after filming the movie. It seems like most actors don't know how to act, which can be really frustrating given how much going to a movie costs. I don't claim to be a film critic, but The Notebook is worth your time if you haven't seen it. (I should also add that there are some "mature themes" and my kids will not be watching this movie until they are married.) haha

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Lindsey said...

Addie, this is a fun idea. I liked "The Notebook" too despite expecting to think it was way too cheesy. It hooked me. And also, I heard the reunion went marvelously...congrats! You did such a great job and I know everyone appreciated you spearheading it, even though you were preggo for so much of the planning. I'm so sorry I missed it, but I'm loving seeing all the pics.