Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 6: 20 favorite things

In no particular order...

1. My morning cup of coffee
2. Oddly, getting up before the sun and having a few moments of quiet before the day starts (aka kid waking up, "MOMMY I'm all done sleeping!")
3. Rainy late summer days, before it's witch-titty cold outside
4. Going to church.
5. Sunny days so I can work on my tan and not be Pasty White Addie.
6. Pretty fingernails.
7. Snuggles with my girls.
8. Wesley falling asleep in my arms, and knowing my days of my son wanting to snuggle are numbered.
9. This amazing blessing of my house.
10. Starting school with the girls and getting to see them learn.
11. Old friends with whom I can talk to as not a day has passed.
12. New friends who are quickly becoming like old, familiar friends.
13. Mondays that feel fresh and new.
14. Fridays because we can stay up late and watch movies.
15. My uber handsome husband.
16. Cleaning. (yes I know this is crazy)
17. The rare occasions in which I don't care about cleaning and can just relax.
18. Red wine.
19. Listening to Podrunner and running, especially along the coast looking out to Whidbey Island.
20. Jesus, because he died for my sins and through whom I have these blessings I just listed!

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